Eyelash Extensions Naples, FL 

Avoid the following:

For the first 48 hours:

Do NOT schedule any irritating eye area treatments such as chemical peels, brow waxing, liner or brow tattoo, etc.,

I "cure" your lashes before you leave so you may wash them and treat them as normal that same night.

Remember it is super important to ONLY USE makeup and wash that is compatible with Eyelash Extensions.  You will experience lash loss with using products containing oils or ingredients that degrade the adhesive bond.  There are NO REFUNDS on eyelash extensions because this is a service.  It is your job to be certain you are using the proper after care products!

Please skip the caffeine prior to your appointment!   [I will too!!!!]

If you are jittery you will blink alot & your eye pads will not stay in place, it will make my job much harder...

Prior to arrival:

Remove ALL makeup, including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eye creams & serums.

Cleanse the eyelash area to remove residual oils or mascara.

Shower BEFORE your arrival

Wear glasses if you have them, you may NOT keep your contacts in!!

Do NOT curl your eyelashes

Please do NOT apply oily creams around the eye area.