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Mercedeh Reynolds

Licensed Esthetician, Permanent Makup Artist since 2005. Specializing in Microblading Eyebrows, Licensed and Insured

Mercedeh has been a licensed aesthetician and certified permanent makeup artist since 2005. Growing up as a daughter of a cosmetologist and spa owner, it only felt natural that at 21 years old she own and was operating her own skin care and beauty business. She is always continuing education in the evolving beauty industry and expanding her craft with extensive training all over the USA and in Canada with world renowned artists and beauty educators.

Mercedeh has honed her artist skills and perfected the latest, highly sought after award winning microblading and the state of the artfeathering techniques to deliver beautiful, natural looking results her discerning clients prefer. “Mercedeh’s keen eye for detail, beauty expertise, and passion for perfection truly set her work apart.”

Micro-blading. Feathering. Hair-stroke. Shading. Powder

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