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Licensed since 2005 and trained by world renowned artists, Mercedeh has honed her skills and perfected the highly sought after award winning microblading and feathering techniques to deliver beautiful, natural looking results her discerning clients prefer.


Permanent makeup is a specialized technique used for permanent cosmetics which is sometimes referred to as micopigmentation. The process includes a free consultation, the application of pigment, and one follow-up visit. During the follow-up visit, the area is evaluated and touch ups are added where needed to perfect the look.


If you are ready to look your best from the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you rest your head, then it’s for you. If you’re a busy mom or career woman and don’t have the time to fill in your eyebrows every morning, it’s the perfect solution for you. If you dislike wearing makeup and would rather keep it natural but still have perfect eyebrows, then it’s definitely for you. It is also perfect for people who are very active, who do a lot of sports or go to the gym on a daily basis, because you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting smeared.


Some people are not good candidates for permanent makeup. Here’s a list of circumstances in which permanent makeup is not recommended.

If you’ve had Botox in the past 2 weeks - you may get Botox after permanent makeup
If you are sick with the cold, flu, etc.
If you are pregnant or nursing
If you have epilepsy
If you have a viral infection and/or diseases
If you are undergoing chemotherapy
If you have a skin irritation or psoriasis near the area being worked on
If you have had an organ transplant
If you have a pacemaker or any major heart problems
If you’ve used Accutane in the past year


The possibilities with permanent makeup are endless; however, we focus on eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.


To maximize the procedure, it is important that you follow the procedures listed below prior to your scheduled visit.

Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin or vitamin E 24 hours before your procedure.
Do not go tanning in or outdoors or have a sunburned face.
Do not get a wax or tint 3 days before.
Do not work out the day of.
Do not drink alcohol or caffeine the day of the procedure.
Do keep in mind that if you are scheduled during your menstrual cycle you will be more sensitive.


To ensure that you have long-lasting results, please follow the after-care procedures outlined below.

Absolutely no cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on treated area for 2 weeks.
No water on treated area either.
Keep the area clean and sterile.
Don’t scratch, rub or pick at the area. Let it heal on its own. Scabbing or dry skin are normal and a part of the process, so let it heal naturally.
Avoid sleeping on your face for as long as possible but specifically for at least 10 days.
Do not get any other treatments on or near the area such as Botox, facials, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion for at least one month.
Avoid the sun for at least a month. If you can’t help it, always cover the treated area.
Avoid heavy sweating for at least two weeks.


It is completely normal to experience some tenderness and swelling immediately following the procedure and for a few days after. The pigment will appear darker and more vibrant than how it will actually look when it is healed. Healing durations vary with each person but generally take 5 to 8 days. Other than slight sensitivity in the treated area, healing is normally painless.

Love your Lips:
Restore Volume. Shape. Color. Definition. As we age our lips lose color, definition and volume.  Permanent Makeup for the lips adds a natural wash of color that restores the beautiful, pinky hue you were born with.  Due to the moist, soft nature of lip skin, lip pigments heal more translucent and natural looking, allowing you to change your colors on the fly simply by applying and overlay of gloss or your favorite lip color!  
Symmetry a problem?  We can fix that too! 

Redefine your Eyebrows:

The award-winning Feathering Technique is considered the gold standard in permanent eyebrows. Unlike other techniques that create flat, dense designs, Mercedeh's Feathering Technique features individual, angled hairstrokes that mimic your natural hair-growth pattern.  The result? Flawless yet natural-looking eyebrows.  Fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, fill in over-tweezed brows or, add a slight arch - results... a natural, undetectable fringe.  The gentle method of microblading causes less discomfort and risk of bruising that anesthetic blocks associated with traditional methods sometimes produce.

Celebrity-Worthy. Smudge-proof. Melt-proof. Using a delicate hand-held drawing tool is also amazing for creating alluring cat eyes and luscious lips! Even better, 
Whether you prefer a barely-there lash enhancing look or a bold, thick cat eye, Mercedeh delivers results that match your personal style. 

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