Cleaning Eye Lash Extensions

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Cleaning your new Eyelash Extensions

Cleaning your new Eyelash Extensions

You must wash them daily!

Your eyelashes and eyebrows are meant to protect your eyes from dust, dirt, debri so they do a great job collecting all kinds of gunk. You may not see it but trust me it’s there!

Follow these easy steps to keep them clean and gorgeous.

It’s actually very easy to care for eyelash extensions.

We recommend our after care product line which includes a special oil-free, allergen free, eye and face wash. Our unique wash is made from pure aloe based ingredients that will not harm your lashes. In fact the ingredients may even help your natural lashes grow healthier and stronger! Our after care suggestions are Xtreme Lash eye wash /makeup remover, mascara spoolies & lint free applicators, a small angled (soft) bristle brush or eyeshadow wands.

You can even make your own eyewash using a foamer bottle, organic baby shampoo, distilled water & baking soda!

Steps to cleaning your lash extensions:

Redken Cleaning Products

You will need baby shampoo

we recommend organic

Cleaning Eyelashes


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Cleaning Eye Lash Extensions

Distilled Water or Purified Water ONLY

Never use tap water! click here to learn why

Cleaning Eye Lash Extensions


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In a Foamer bottle, mix 1 parts baby shampoo to 3 parts distilled or purified water and 1 tspn of baking soda (try to buy aluminum free).


You can splash the foam directly on your lashes or if you wear alot of mascara, Stir this mixture in a small cup with a clean mascara spoolie (provided at your visit) and then VERY carefully comb it through the tops of your lashes (one eye at a time) then repeat a couple times. Do it a few times if you are wearing heavy mascara. Holding a folded tissue under your eye is helpful to collect drips. (NOTE: If you are worried about the spoolie and being too rough you do not have to use it – the foaming action of your lash shampoo will do the trick on eyes with none or mild makeup!)


Repeat this from underneath your extensions with your mascara spoolie.


Get as much of the makeup off as you can and then add a bit more foam to your lashes to ensure you have got it all! (For eyeliner removal you can use the lint free applicators directly on the lash line. These are reusable providing you clean them with anti-bacterial soap and allow them to dry thoroughly before each use.)


Now you may rinse your eyes & lashes thoroughly with clean water, splashing several times, use a dry mascara spoolie to comb into place and to help “squeegee” the water out. You can follow up with your hairdryer on a low setting to fluff.


If you are having trouble cleaning you can Book an appointment or a complimentary consultation at Vintage Lashes Eyelash extensions Lounge in Naples Florida.

Why Baking Soda?

(written by Jill Heijligers-Peloquin – Master Lash Educator)There are lots of good reasons to keep this super powder in your Lash Shampoo recipe. Here are 10 compelling reasons:


Baking Soda reacts with and tempers acidic qualities (an acetic gas is emitted when cyanoacrylate adhesive meets hydrogen and cures – this makes the first, and all other washing “sting free”)


When mixed with crude liquids, it produces a clearer sample (i.e. the tap water we wash our faces with! It neutralizes the chlorine and other impurities!


Baking Soda raises the PH balance (increasing alkalinity – think of it this way acetic=burning, alkaline=soothing)


It has mild antiseptic properties and soothes irritation


Baking Soda is often used to relieve itching & burning symptoms of allergic reactions


It is often used as a mild substitute for hydrocortisone cream, which should NOT be used near the eyes unless specifically directed by a physician


Baking Soda neutralizes fungal growth (ew – I know, but it can happen!)


Baking Soda can be safely used as a facial cleanser and is often used as a clarifying shampoo, gently and effectively removing dirt and oil


Baking Soda + Baby Shampoo is a natural remedy/recommended wash for cradle cap – a crusting of the scalp (we often see crusties at the root of the eyelash hairs. Not being doctors, we cannot accurately diagnose blepharitis and other conditions such as occular rosacea, but guess what!? washing with Baby Shampoo + Baking Soda is often the recommended care/treatment protocol!)


Baking Soda increases the the cleansing capabilities of soaps & detergents without resorting to harsh chemicals such as bleach, etc. (Before excellent oxygenator products like OxyClean, baking soda was added to the wash load to to boost cleaning power!)

Why use a foam pumper?

The super sudsy foam gets between the lashes with very little effort, bathing the lashline in the cleaning & soothing ingredients.Lots of air and lots of water ensure great cleaning power and easy rinse-ability – we do not want any soapy residue left coating the lashes.

Why not tap water?

You may wash and rinse with tap water, but you do NOT want tap water in the Lash Shampoo mixture. Think about it – we touch the tap and faucets with dirty hands. We do NOT want that bacteria INSIDE the shampoo mixture to breed more bacteria. Any mixture that includes water is a veritable breeding ground for bacteria – in essence, a petrie dish! I always used Nursery Water – its purified enough for babies! An previously unopened bottle of drinking water is also a safe choice.

Mix this recipe in the foam pumper – The instructions are simple – wash daily with the lash Shampoo. Use a fluffy handful (no less than the size of a golf ball) to cleanse the lashes; eyes closed; using upward strokes and gentle gestures over the eyelid. No “see-saw” scrubbing back and forth – just upward strokes from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly. Do not towel dry the lashes, but blow them dry. Another important thing you should do is to sanitize your new foamer bottle with super hot water prior to using. Sanitation is SUPER IMPORTANT for healthy lashes!

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