Scalp Micropigmentation

What is SMP Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation –a procedure aim to create the illusion of real hair follicles by applying tiny pigment deposits to the scalp. Background: Cosmetic deformities, resulting from some dermatologic diseases or deformities caused by hair restoration surgeries, have had few, if any, good, permanent solutions. Most of these patients have learned to live with their problems.

A cosmetic tattoo technique has been developed to address unsightly scalp and hair conditions.

The technique that we us is upgraded from the normal scalp micropigmentation. We use specialized techniques, special cosmetic instruments and pigments in a stippling pattern on the scalp. A variety of alopecia, refractory to treatment and hair transplant deformities, impact millions of men and women. Many of these deformities can be concealed with scalp micropigmentation, making the deformities minimally detectable. Patient satisfaction is very high. Scalp micropigmentation offers a good nonsurgical alternative treatment for hair and scalp deformities. Unlike medical devices, scalp micropigmentation offers a non-medical “cover-up” that effectively hides unsightly conditions on the scalp and creates the illusion of thicker hair.Best results is keeping a buzzed cut 1/4 to 1/16 inch. We believe that scalp micropigmentation is destined to become a standardized offering for physicians specializing in cosmetic office procedures. Call (239) 263-1050 to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.

How we do SMP different than our competitors

My S.M.P process begins by improving the skin condition on the scalp with microneedling and treating it to create a better ‘’working surface’’ to guarantee better long lasting results. Then I move to the next phase of inserting a micro droplet of pigment (which was color corrected to match your skin tone and minimize color change with time) through the skin and into the upper dermis, using a Special instrument which was developed and is nothing like any other instruments out in the market. It works different and minimize human mistakes (if pressing to hard by mistake my machine stops.), My instruments supports between 1 and 5 needles Vibrating between 10 to 50 vibrates per second. My needle(s) are laser pointed sharp, long thread to perforate the epidermis to get to the upper dermis better and with less irritation making sure the pigment stays better in the scalp. I do not use tattoo machines or tattoo needles as they hit to hard making the pigment spared in the skin taking away from the realistic look of a hair follicle. The depth of needle insertion varies by “feel” and visual judgments made by the technician that reflect the undulating thickness of the epidermis at the point of introduction. The thicker scalp, with more fat and supporting infrastructure, will produce a different skin turgor than an atrophic or scarred scalp. Call (239) 263-1050 to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.

The Procedure

When you arrive we go over your concerns and area of hair loss on your scalp. Our process is different than most because we want only the best results that will last the longest. Every client will have at least 3-4 sessions for completion.


We get your scalp prepared for SMP by improving the skin condition by microneedling your scalp. Pigment ink is rubbed onto scalp to introduce to immune system.


Week from session 1 we begin introducing the pigment (ink) into your scalp. First session we do what we call pigment introduction to the scalp, so the body’s Immune system gets comfortable with the new “foreign” object on the scalp. We first match the pigment to your skin tone. The first initial session of points replica of hair follicles will be 3mm apart starting the creation of the illusion of real hair. (do not expect a big difference on 1st session)


A week from last session. We continue placing points now closer to each other at 2mm apart creating a good foundation of the illusion of real hair follicles. Also touching up any points that need to be touched up.


A week from last session. We continue placing points now closer at 1mm to really see the illusion of real hair folicals and your boldness is disappearing.


If needed we will touch up any areas that needs attention. At this point you are smiling because your life was just changed and your confidence is back.

Why you should Never do 1 Session SMP

The most important thing is to make sure it is not done in one session, the skin on the scalp will never be ready to absorb pigment and hold it within the 1st time it go’s in. For these reasons:


Shaving your head often, damages the skin on your scalp.


Sun exposure


Thickness and wellness of the skin on your scalp will never be ready on 1st visit!


It is not the thickness of the needle it is the hand & proper training of the technician that determined the quality of the work.


Not every skin heals the same or hold pigments the same. Pigments must be corrected to the individual skin tone of the person.


The immune system will attack the pigment on the scalp to protect the brain and will not stop until it removed completely, that is why it must be done in sessions and each time you put a little more, in the first session we do what we call pigment introduction to the scalp, so the body’s Immune system gets comfortable with the new “foreign” object on the scalp.


If you try to do a full head of SMP in one visit it is rushed, your body is not ready for it, delivering points close together at first application the points (dots) will migrate, it does not matter if you have been in the Industry for over a decade if you are doing the procedure the wrong way.

Don’t be fooled by 1 Session SMP on a patented machine. We have scene first hand that it does not work.


We are very fair with our pricing and offer discounts. Every person has their unique situation of hair loss. Scalp Micro Pigmentation/Hair follicles replication is $81 a sqi (square inch) of area that needs to be pigmented. Call (239) 263-1050 to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.

Hair Transplant Scar Removal with Scalp Micro Pigmentation & advanced Micro Needling $1200 for 1 scar $400 for each additional scar.

We also have a referral program every person that you refer and they move forward with SMP we will give you a referral fee. Amount TBT


1. Is SMP permanent? SMP is Semi-permanent and will require a touch up

2. Will I need a touch up? On average 5-10 years you may need a touch depends on your skin tone and how well you have taken care of your scalp. Sun is not your friend, like any other tattoo keep it covered or use sunblock.

3. Will I have any down time? No most clients return to their normal activities the same day.

4. Will I have any redness or pain? You will have redness for first 72hrs and pain is minimal scale of 1-10 like a 2 most clients state. So not much at all.

5. Can I wash my hair with shampoo? You can not use shampoo for 72hrs, you can rinse your head with water, not rubbing your head and tap dry with towel. You may use witch hassal no alcohol for sanity.

6. When can I wash my hair normally? You can wash your hair after 72hrs with Johnsons baby shampoo, after a week normal shampoo and conditioner.

7. Can I workout and sweat? Sweat has natural salt proteins which is not good until scalp is healed. Avoid from heavily sweating until a week when your scalp and pigment is healed to avoid problems in the healing process.

8. Will the SMP fade? The pigment (ink) will be darker the first 3-5 days than will lighten to color match(not fade).

9. Can I wear a hat after procedure? Yes

10. When can I buzz my hair after procedure? 72hrs after

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