Scalp Micropigmentation in Naples fl

4 Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation for Men

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure which allows for tiny, permanent points to be made along the scalp. These points resemble normal hair growth in areas where a man might no longer grow hair. Many men have contemplated the idea of undergoing a scalp micropigmentation procedure, but feel unsure what associated benefits make it worthwhile. Below, we’ve listed out the primary benefits.

1: Scalp Micropigmentation Looks Realistic

Scalp Micropigmentation can simulate hair growth in areas where hair no longer grows, and the results are realistic. It also makes the scalp look fuller in areas where there is thinning hair. This is accomplished over several different sittings, with tiny points created closer and closer together over each sitting.

2: Scalp Micropigmentation Allows Men to Feel Natural

Unlike other methods of hiding or fixing hair loss, you can be natural about what you do with your hair. There is no risk of the hair falling off or out, or washing off. Men can exercise, swim, sleep, and do anything else they’d normally do without fear of the hair disappearing and revealing the fact that they suffer from hair loss issues.

3: Scalp Micropigmentation Boosts Confidence

When men feel better about the way they look, they are able to be more confident. This confidence can go far past feeling good about the way a man looks and transfer into the rest of his life. He might feel more confident about an upcoming job promotion, or about asking out a woman he’s had his eye on for some time. This can create a significantly better quality of life than when the man was worried or felt down about his hair issues.

4: Scalp Micropigmentation May Boost Mental Health

When a man feels self-conscious about his appearance, it is possible that he will start suffering from depression or anxiety. This is because these two mental issues stem from ongoing stress. Once the issue is fixed with scalp micropigmentation, men may experience a boost in happiness that helps dispel any associated depression or anxiety they may have previously suffered.

5: Scalp Micropigmentation May Allow Men to be More Active

It’s hard to be active when worrying about whether a toupee will fall off or hair fillers will wash away. When a permanent solution like Scalp Micropigmentation is found, it might allow men to be more active. They can, for example, go swimming without fear or undergo activity that will cause them to sweat. Increased activity is great for both physical and  mental health. The average adult should be endeavoring to get at least half an hour of moderate activity each day to maintain cardiovascular health and a healthy weight.


The benefits listed above are just the five most prominent a man can receive when he undergoes Scalp Micropigmentation. The benefits listed above are not all-inclusive. There may be more benefits, based upon a man’s individual circumstances. Remember that results may vary slightly, due to unique situations and extensiveness of hair loss.

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