Hair Restoration PRP

Hair Restoration PRP for Balding is the Service You’ve Never Heard Of

More than 50% of women and some 65% of men will experience noticeable hair loss at some point in their lives. Whether caused by genetics, scars on the scalp, injuries, or as a side effect of medications, hair loss can be embarrassing and take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Though there are many ways to treat hair loss, hair restoration PRP services are growing in popularity. Here’s what you should know about this approach to regrowth and how it works.

Understanding PRP

To truly understand how a hair restoration PRP treatment works, it is important to first understand PRP, or platelet rich plasma. In order to “create” this substance that plays a vital role in hair regrowth, the practitioner will first extract the patient’s blood, put it in a centrifuge, and separate the red blood cells from the plasma, which is full of platelets. Then, this concentrated plasma is delivered into the treatment area, where it can set the stage for hair regrowth.

Platelets are best known for their clotting ability, which is designed to slow and eventually stop bleeding, but they do so much more. In fact, they are vital for many kinds of injury healing because they contain a variety of growth factors that help restore tissues throughout the body. When you experience any kind of injury, your body’s first response is to send platelets to the affected area. Once they arrive, they start to initiate the repair process and attract your own stem cells to the injury site.

How Does  Advanced Microneedling with PRP Regrow Hair?

Hair loss is essentially the result of injury to the hair follicles, whether the loss is genetic or due to an injury.  Vintage Lashes uses a Patented Advanced Microneedling Machine that has an external tube that holds the patients PRP which is attached to the razor sharp needles, every puncture is delivering PRP into the areas of the scalp affected by thinning hair serve much the same purpose as they do in other parts of your body. The delivery of platelets to these areas stimulates your body’s natural healing process, and in turn, your body starts to repair the follicles that no longer produce hair. As a result, following PRP treatments, many patients begin to notice regrowth.

Most patients will notice new hair regrowth, better hair texture, and thicker hair shafts within two weeks after the initial treatment. The rate at which substantial and noticeable regrowth occurs is different for everyone, but on average, it takes roughly six months from the first treatment. Most patients will need four individual treatments every six weeks, then one treatment every three months until the hair’s natural volume has been restored. However, after the first two or three treatments, hair loss comes to a standstill. This means that hair restoration PRP can not only regrow hair, but it can also stop hair loss in its tracks.

If you have been looking for the perfect solution to your thinning hair, or if you are concerned about your rate of hair loss, hair restoration PRP treatment is by far one of the best and most effective procedures available. Unlike other treatments, such as topical medications that may or may not work and hair follicle transplants that sometimes do not take, hair restoration PRP works for almost everyone to regrow thick, lustrous hair.

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