Microneedling Myths

Microneedling PRP Myths: Busted

Microneedling PRP is sometimes called a Vampire Facial. Despite being a useful, minimally invasive procedure, which benefits the vast majority of individuals, there are a lot of myths surrounding it. These myths can withhold individuals from the associated benefits and cause misconceptions to arise about those who have received the treatment. Today we plan to clear up the most common myths to increase public awareness about what microneedling PRP really is.

What is Microneedling PRP really?

Microneedling PRP is a combination treatment of both microneedling and PRP. During microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) many tiny pinpricks are made in the area needing assistance. Most often it is done on the face but can be used elsewhere on the body.

This causes the body to begin healing the area because it believes it has been injured. When it does this, new collagen is produced which creates a healthier, more youthful appearance. The procedure can be done to assist with fine lines or wrinkles, sun damage, scarring, discoloration, or even acne and other skin conditions.

PRP stands for ‘Platelet Rich Plasma.’ The addition of PRP to microneedling assists in quicker recovery and overall better results. During the procedure a small amount of plasma is injected back into the skin before or after the procedure to help prompt a quicker body response.

Common Myths – Busted

Myth #1: Another person’s blood is used in the procedure.

Truth: The blood isn’t really blood at all. It’s plasma, rich in platelets, which is produced from your blood but isn’t technically the same thing. Also, it is only your blood which is used in the procedure for safety purposes.

Myth #2: My body can reject the blood used.

Truth: Since it is your own blood there is no risk of rejection. Your body is literally filled with the same stuff.

Myth #3: It’s super painful.

Truth: While pictures seen online make the procedure seem excessively painful, most patients report feeling only minimal discomfort. A special numbing gel can be used to help lessen the discomfort, but it is rare that any patient states it’s super painful. This does, of course, depend entirely on your own pain thresholds.  

Myth #4: Results are immediate, and you only need one session to get them.

Truth: While microneedling PRP may seem like a miracle, the results are not immediate, and it is rare that only one session is necessary. Since the procedure works with your body’s own healing mechanisms, it can take a few weeks to see final results. This is safer, however, and lasts longer.

The number of required sessions will vary from person to person, but between three and six is typical for moderate issues.

Myth #5: You’ll leave the office looking like you just got into a fight – and you’ll feel like it too, for days.

Truth: You should feel fine upon leaving the office, although your face (or other areas) may feel painful for a few days. You may experience minor bruising and swelling up to a few days after the procedure, but you shouldn’t look like you “got into a fight.”

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